This page is about a musical project I had back in 2009-2010 called Rainhat. I wrote songs and recorded them over about 6 months, playing all instruments myself. The plan was to continue writing songs, start doing shows, and see where it went from there, but unfortunately my body had other plans.
I used to be a full time music student and classical musician, with the flute as my main instrument. I have two masters degrees in performance and in music pedagogy from the Malmö Academy of music, and I worked as a freelance musician for a while. It seems all those thousands of hours spent practising caught up with me, and I started having problems with my wrists. It got to the point where I couldn’t play anymore, and after seeing several dozen doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and other health and medical professionals who know anything about hands, the conclusion was that because I have hypermobile joints, the muscles in my hands are not able to keep bones and tendons where they’re supposed to be when I put strain on them, causing pain and inflammations.
Intensive effort spent on strengthening the muscles in my hands and on improving my technique did alleviate the problem somewhat, but not enough to allow me to practice as much as I would need to in order to be on a professional and competitive level as a musician. So, after playing for more than 20 years, I decided after careful consideration that my career as a musian was over.
Today I run a small company selling rock climbing equipment and recumbent tricycles. I still write music and play the guitar a bit for fun once in a while, but I don’t think I’ll be releasing any more songs to the public.

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